Training – Agile Management

The goal for this training is to present the leaders the new approach to management, where the management is defined as team’s responsibility and group activity. We will show tools and techniques that will help the team to improve decision making process and solve complex problems in the organization to create a workplace where people are motivated to achieve goals set by themselves and the organization.
We help managers of Scrum teams. You will learn how to support self-organizing teams, how to create the right structures in the organization, how to define processes, take care of motivation or develop competences. Thanks to this workshop, your organization will be more effective and will have a greater ability to survive.

Target Audience

People Managers, Project Managers, Executives, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Technical leaders.


Przemysław Witka, Lech Wypychowski

Training Agenda

Waterfall vs Agile
Complex Adaptive Systems
Motivation: How to energize people
Agile leadership and team empowerment
Alignment – goals
Organizational structures
Rules and processes
Competences development
Agile transformation
Manager role in Scrum

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