Kanban Training

The goal of this training is to introduce Kanban method so that the attendees will be able to implement it in their organization. During the workshop, we will use Kanban simulation game that will help to understand how this tool works in practice.

Target Audience

Kanban helps to organize work for the team when they work in unpredictable environment: have to deal with changing priorities, incidents, ticket, defects, service requests, etc.

Kanban method is also recommended to the organizations which are not keen to make a revolution in redefining roles and responsibilities which is often necessary to introduce Scrum framework.


Thanks to Kanban, the work goes more smoothly, the team’s output is more predictable and team members are able to track their progress and optimize their processes.

Training details

This whole day training consists of two parts: we begin with theoretical intro to Lean and Kanban and in second part, we will play a game that simulates the work of an IT team which uses Kanban method. The workshop ends with a debrief with summary of the game and retrospective of situations that happened during the Kanban game.


Przemysław Witka, Lech Wypychowski

Training Agenda

Introduction to Lean and Kanban
Value stream mapping
Kanban board
WIP limits
Kanban metrics
Planning and prioritization
Kaizen – continuous improvement
Kanban IT in practice – Simulation game
Debrief and summary

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